Supply Preach

Need a break on Sunday morning to cast vision for your church or just to rest and be refreshed, maybe a over-due family vacation? We would love to strengthen you in this way, as you lead your church in kingdom growth. 

Interim Pastor

A healthy church in a season of leadership transition. Howard will guide the leadership of the church to ensure a smooth calling and transition for your next senior pastor. 


  • Demographic and Psychographic Reports
  • Facility Evaluations    
  • Budget/Finance Evaluations
  • Secret Guest Worship Survey that includes a Summary Report with Recommendations
  • Know Your Church Questionnaire that includes Summary Report with Recommendations (Identifies the perceived health of your congregation in 6 key areas.)  

Intentional Interim Pastor

This is a transition process that helps a church evaluate current reality and make some decisions that NEED to be made before calling a pastor. It guides a Transition Team and the Pastor Search Team to create a church profile and pastor profile to guide the Pastor Search Team.